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2020. 24"X 18". Acrylic on Canvas.

All paintings are finished with a UV Archival Matte Finish

About the Piece:

This title for this series: “Loosely Held Florals,” originated when my - then  very young - daughters brought me a handful of brightly colored flower petals.  The girls were concerned about the delicate offerings being crushed in my hand, so I assured them that I would hold on to them loosely.  That image of delicate beauty, being gently held and appreciated has stayed with me.  Building the layers on these pieces, creating a composition I am happy with - then listening for when each piece says it’s time to make the move to linear work - each stage is significant. I feel that the weirdness of my mind is uniquely evident in these pieces - I begin with content, with shading, with texture, with loose pools of color. The actual structure, the forms... the definition of what is actually before me - that doesn’t become visible until close to the end. It’s like I’m working in reverse of what “normal” is. 

All paintings are finished with a UV archival matte varnish.  Unframed works come wired.

Artist: Deonna Janone.

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