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2018. 100cm x 80cm. Colourful Abstract Markings Made from Waste Paint on Canvas Made From Stretched Second Hand Shirts.

About the Piece: From the Series "Fast Fun":

 This work is composed of canvas made from stretched second hand shirts and colourful abstract markings made from waste paint.

 The idea behind the work stems from fast fashion and art waste, two materials which end up in our landfills in the tons.

And two-billion dollar industries that saturate our market while annually contributing to mass environmental destruction.

 Without a doubt both fashion and paint allow us to express ourselves and our individuality, allowing for an insurmountable amount of fun and creativity that makes the world go round.

It's hard to imagine a world without colour and in all it's unique styles.

 However, this series asks the viewer to consider the implications of fast fun, what price do we pay for fashion and paint knowing the toll both industries take on our environment.

This body of work is an invitation for the viewer to consider the power of second hand shopping or more informed purchasing through supporting sustainable clothing brands or even buying less. As well, how much further a can of paint can go once it's considered 'waste', experimenting with upcycling this material and most importantly disposing of it properly.


Artist: Anya Mielniczek

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